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Happy Mother's Day

By Brianna Breedy

Dear Mom,

So much has happened over the last year since your hip replacement, but I wanted to start off by thanking you for being more than just a mother to me. Mom, you’re also my best friend.

We’ve always shared a close bond, but our relationship got even more special last summer as I spent it by your side as a caregiver.

There were a lot of things you couldn’t do after your surgery, and my number one priority was taking care of you like you always took care of me.

I helped dress your wound, ran your errands, took you to all of your appointments, and made sure you did your physical therapy exercises every day. None of it ever felt like a burden to me.

I want you to know those two months we spent together were the best moments of my life.

We talked about so many things and learned so much more about each other than we ever had in our entire lives.

Things have just continued to grow from those moments.

This bond that we have together is hard to put into words. It’s such a caring and loving relationship. It’s literally having a best friend that I can go to for anything.

Being at your beck and call was the least I could do for all of the times that you’ve been there for me.

For example, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about rushing me to multiple practices on the same day when I was playing three sports at the same time as a kid. You did all of that for me without ever complaining.

As long as I put academics first, you allowed me to pursue my dreams all the way to playing basketball at Oakland University.

Education has always been important in our family, and I saw the road to success at an early age through the eyes of you and my grandparents.

You always told me that granddad was equally as strict about getting a good education.

“Dad said education can get you out of whatever circumstances, and the world is your oyster if you work and study hard.”

It’s something I’ve always taken to heart.

I know that granddad grew up in a poor family with ten kids and went on to become the first Attorney General of Barbados. He was even knighted by the Queen of England for his services to the country.

I’ll admit I didn’t fully understand what it all meant at first, but as I grew older, I remember bragging about my grandfather to anyone that would listen. It was hard not to when thinking about where he came from and everything he accomplished. I was so proud of him. And still am.

But the stories I always loved were the ones about the close relationship between you and grandmama growing up.

Even though she was a doctor, she still made time to drive you around to all of your practices when you were playing tennis. She made so many sacrifices to hold down the fort at home and raise you.

Your parents supported you in everything you did the same way that you support me today.

I also admire your strength for leaving the safety of the nest in Barbados to chase your dreams of attending a university in North America.

You always told me you had the best parents on the planet, but also wanted to see what life was like on your own. You wanted to go away and see if you’d sink or swim without your mother and father always being there to rescue you.

And boy, did you swim, mom.

You made a life for yourself in Canada.

Your sacrifices have opened up more doors for me than I could have ever imagined.

I’m the one with the best parents in the world.

You and dad have always been super supportive of me in everything I’ve done.

I remember when I started playing basketball at around eight years old, for example. Dad was my coach for six years, and you made an effort to show up to every game. Whenever I stepped onto the court, I could always count on seeing your face cheering me on in the crowd.

We became closer as a family because of all of the traveling to basketball tournaments.

Even when dad stopped being my coach in high school, you were always there for me and anyone else on the team in need of a motherly figure to lean on. Whenever the school needed a parent involved, you’d always be the first one to call in and volunteer.

You always stepped up and cheered as hard for all the other girls as you did for me. You were the familiar face in the crowd for everyone.

If you ask any of my teammates now or back in the day, I think they all called you “mom” because you were such a big part of the team.

It was always either “Momma Breedy” or “Momma No. 2” when you were around.


I hope to continue to open my heart with that same selfless love. I’m so proud to call you my mother, but I’m even more proud to call you my best friend.

I can’t thank you enough for always being in my corner. You always told me and Christopher that being a mother was your greatest joy. Everything in your life—no matter what you accomplished personally—never compared to that responsibility. You called it the best thing in your life.

But you were never stingy with that love, either.

You were willing to share it with anyone that needed it.

I hope to continue to open my heart with that same selfless love. I’m so proud to call you my mother, but I’m even more proud to call you my best friend.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.